UCI INTERNATIONAL DESIGN ALLIANCE PTE.LTD, was established in 1997, is an international and frontier architectural design consultant company. Together with multi-national designers and cooperators, we share diversifying working skills, multinational concept and over fifty years’ design experience. We hold sophisticated designers form England, Malaysia, Singapore and India. so, we can elitist team at beginning of every project and coordinate with our customers perfectly during the whole period.

Due to our broad and professional knowledge of international project designing and management, we can design every project exactly and flexibly as per customer’s request, project characteristic, condition limit, market needs, budget and so on. We will supply optimum design plans for our customers.


At present we can provide a series of professional service for private and governmental sectors, including urban planning, urban Design, overall  detailed masterplan design, architectural design, landscape design and interior design etc.


Our completed international projects covered England, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, Indonesia, Middle East, China, US. With such a priceless experience, we are able to take all kinds of challenges. Recent years, we have been working very closely with Archiland International, Crawford International Design Associates etc. At the same time branch offices were set up in Chongqing, Shanghai China, Dhaka Bangladesh.


We will make efforts to satisfy every customer by combination of high quality, echo comic cost, environment protection and unique and wonderful art.




Urban planning and design is to shape the spirit and culture of the city. Our design is adhering to the continuity of the urban context and focus on creating space of different scales to build a public space system with high accessibility of different hierarchies. Human-oriented and achieve sustainable development.


Our design is based on the need of the users with diversity and innovation. UCI focuses on the combination of international advanced design method and local cultural environment. And we try to create diverse human-scale space by studying the relationship between human and space.


Our space design takes full account of people’s multidimensional sense in the human-oriented principle. We are seeking a design method fully considering the site and local environment. Our design shapes a stable landscape that can be renewed with time.


Our design fully considers the local culture, life and social environment. It not only satisfies the technical and functional requirement, but also promotes the establishment of humanistic enrichment and aesthetic value.