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It is that time of the year again in which the experiences and projects comes to a close in the company calendar. After the Chinese New Year everyone is festive and to top this all up, it’s the 2018 company event! And yes, it is the time rewards and accomplishments are given, both to the deserving and to the lucky.

This 2018 UCI has decided to treat its staff with water adventure in Sentosa.  Earlier it rained and everyone is praying that it don’t rain in the afternoon.  As the staff patiently awaited 2pm the time of departure to Sentosa, the rain abruptly stopped to pave way to the anticipated company event.  Alas, as the staff board the boat, excitement and smiles was on everyone’s face.  The trip to St. John’s Island took 45 minutes.  While on the journey people were singing and eating.  Truly a fun filled event with families and co-workers bonding.  In St John Island, the management prepared water games to challenge inquisition and endurance of the staff.  In which the bond of camaraderie was prevalent throughout the activity.  For the staff and management this is truly a one of a kind experience that will be remembered a life time.  This is truly a work life balance environment of UCI.

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